I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

I’ve been so lacking in the blogging world lately.  Mostly I’ve just been drawing a blank.  Then it dawned on me while I was being accosted by 20 elementary school students at a time during the annual Fall Book Fair, Gigi at Kludgymom has the Idea Bank!  Such a life saver and I’m so glad that she came up with the idea for well, the Idea Bank.  Since I spent all day yesterday hanging out at the library with all those school kids, this idea/topic nearly jumped off the page at me.

Last week Kaia came to me because she just had to know how tall an orangutan grew to be.  I had already turned the computer off and didn’t want to boot it up for one question.  She was nearly frantic because she JUSTHADTOFINDTHISOUTBEFORESCHOOLTOMORROW.  I looked at her, shook my head, then said, “Let me show you something of legend.  It’s called an en-cy-clo-PEdia.  It’s a book with pages and words and pictures and information about stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  Big stuff, little stuff, orangutan stuff.”  Now granted, these encyclopedias are 19 years old, but it was still easy enough to find out how tall an orangutan can be.  The internet makes it way too easy for these kids.  With just a few clicks here and there, and little work on their part, they have all the information they need.  I can see that it may be helpful, but I still feel like they are missing out.

I can remember searching through those volumes for various things that I can no longer remember, but while I might not remember the subject of my searches, I remember the searching.  I loved the smell of those pages.  I caught myself smelling the pages of books at the Book Fair.  There really is nothing like sitting down with a good book and finding yourself submerged in another world.

I’ve found over the last week or so that I’ve been spending less and less time glued to my computer.  I’ve also found that I haven’t been missing it as much as I thought I would.  I have been missing reading my favorite blogs though.  I’m still trying to find a happy medium with my online and offline time.  I’ve just come to realize I’ve been the one missing out.