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Boo to you!

Has everyone survived the sugar coma known as Halloween yet?  I avoided the kids candy bags as much as I could.  Neil wasn’t planning on going with us, but as the last minute (Thursday night) he decided he wanted to dress up, but not trick-or-treat.  Then after we actually got out there walking, he wanted to do it.  Ugh… men, even in boy form, are worse than women about decision making.

This has been one of the best weekends that I can remember in quite some time.  I actually convinced the husband to go on a date!  I know!!!  We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant and then headed to a real haunted house for a candle lit tour at the Octagon Hall.  I purchased a few raffle tickets to participate in an overnight ghost hunt!  Everyone cross their fingers that they pick my name for one of the 5 people they are going to choose.  It was a great time and I can’t wait to go back for a regular tour of the house and grounds.

One of the irritating things about living in the Bible Belt is the tendency to refuse to celebrate any type of Pagan holiday, or any holiday that seems Pagan, on a Sunday.  Therefore, we had to do our candy grabbing on Saturday.  It’s all good though, we got to go back to my hometown, spend time with friends, take the kids trick-or-treating, and not have to worry about getting up early the next day for school/work.

Hope every one had a wonderful Halloween weekend and enjoy the week to come!


Found It on Friday

annarubyking – Blue Birds Earring Studs – $13.00
bysweetmom – Hippie Bohemian Beaded Bracelet Set of 3 – $21.00
weewaldorf – Forest Friends Squirrel Cookie Cutter – $5.25
BWinks – Petite Good Luck Owl Friend – $36.00

Turning Bears into Tigers

Back in early October Kaia found herself a wooly worm.  They are technically called a Wooly Bear Caterpillar and they will turn into Isabella Tiger moths in the Spring.  She wanted to keep it, but I told her that we had to let it go so it could prepare for the coming winter.  It wasn’t until after we had let it go that I discovered, you CAN keep them!  So about a week ago, she found another little wooly worm minding his own business and scooped him up.  

He has his own little habitat in our dining room.  He really doesn’t require too much in the way of care.  He has a stick and every day we clean out the old grass (and caterpillar poo) and give him fresh grass.  I try to make sure I get grass in the morning when there is still dew on it.  He’s pretty much become part of our family.  She named him “Catty”… ’cause he’s a cat-erpillar…  She’s so original.

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Tuesday Tunes

A Journey through Hair

It’s been long.  
It’s been short.
It’s been pink.
With the exception of the short ‘do (which was cut by a friends’ sister), I haven’t been to a hair dresser since I got my hair done for prom.  About 14 years ago…  
My husband has been my hair stylist all this time and I have to say that he’s gotten pretty good at it.  Friday I decided to make a spur of moment venture into MasterCuts at the mall.  That was an adventure that I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN.  I ended up sitting there for almost 3 hours, couldn’t go pick up Neil when the school called and said he was sick, then was almost late picking up Kaia!  That’s not what really got me though…  it was the $105 price tag that nearly gave me a heart attack.  She’d already done my hair so what was I supposed to say?  Undo the cut and color?  Yea, not going to happen so I grudgingly handed over my debit card.  I have yet to tell my husband the exact amount of getting my hair done by a “professional”.  The quotes around professional are due to the hair coloring that I had to scrap off of my ear, forehead, and neck with a wire brush after I got home.  I guess I deserved a day of hair pampering after not having it done in 14 years…

A little blonde, a little red, and some dark brown.  I do like it, but jeez… I’ll never do that again!  What kind of hair adventures have you been on?

Found It on Friday

uncommon – Rustic Wood Flowers Set of 9 – $30.00
rossawanlight – Pink Fuchsia String Lights – $16.00
lilfishstudios – Vintage Teacup Birds Nest Ornament – $15.00
savor – Dread Pirate Roberts Olive Oil Soap – $6.50

Another Year…

I posted this series of photos back in 2008. I revived them for this post plus I added one. 
It’s my little man’s 11th birthday! 
He still has room to grow, but I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments.  {Forgive the grainy images, I had to scan most of them.}