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An Adventure in Early Pregnancy

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In keeping with my goal of being more honest and “real” on dis here blog, let me tell you a story.  A story of the crazy roller coaster that has become my innards.

While I am just barely to the 2nd month mark, I’m pretty sure I should buy stock in Metamucil or some other “stool softener” that is acceptable to take while pregnant.  I do not remember ever having this issue with my other two pregnancies.

Unfortunately, I must have eaten too much of that smörgåsbord of Thanksgiving.  I woke up Sunday morning with a horrible tummy ache.  No matter how many trips to the bathroom I made, they were all unsuccessful.  So I did what any worried, frantic person would do.  I overcompensated.  I drank a ginormous glass of eggnog, ate two helpings of salad, and waited.

Finally, finally… success.  Then I took a nap ’cause that’s what pregnant chicks do when your husband has forced you to watch hours upon hours of football in one day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some football, but OMG… I can only take so much.  I think this may have been my biggest mistake.  While I was taking a much needed little snooze,  all that lettuce and veggies mixed with that ginormous glass of eggnog was getting all brewed and stewed and fermented.  Suddenly, the throne and I were best friends.  Inseparable we were… for hours.

In the span of one day (really less than 24 hours) I went from one extreme to the next.  Now I’m trying to remind myself to drink at least one glass of 100% juice everyday to avoid this “mishap” again.  I want to know if any of my loyal readers have ever encountered this in their pregnancy (or pregnancies) and what kinds of tips or tricks worked best for you.  I’m going to open a discussion in my Blog Frog community so after leaving  your comments here, head on over to the community to put in your two cents!  If the link doesn’t work for you, then visit the sidebar and click on “Join my Community”.



Yesterday afternoon my daughter pulled me into her bedroom and said, “Mom, I need to tell you something.”   I sat down with her on her bed and she began telling me how she found out at lunch that her “boyfriend” had another “girlfriend” in another class.  She was devastated.  Heartbroken.  She cried.  I comforted her.  Told her all the things a mother should say.  Things like he isn’t good enough for you, you can find another boyfriend…  YOU’RE ONLY 9 YEARS OLD!  You know, things like that.

You can judge me if you want to, but I’ve read her journal.  She thought she really loved this poor little misguided boy.  I feel so bad for her, but I’m at a real loss for what to do or say.  I think I said all the right things.  By the time we were done, she was smiling so I think it went ok.  When she told her Daddy about it, he joking asked if she wanted him to go beat him up.  She said, very straight faced, that she was going to have her brother take care of it.

And so it begins….

In other news, my son had to have some dental work done yesterday.  I was a little scared for him.  A couple of summers ago, he had run face first into a tree while we were on vacation in Georgia.  The dentist repaired his broken teeth beautifully.  Right before their Fall Break from school in October he took a dodgeball to the face and broke one of the previously broken toofers.  All together he had to have that tooth fixed, a cavity filled, and one tooth pulled to make room for another that is coming in… in the wrong place.

He had asked me if it would hurt.  I couldn’t lie to him.  Just like when he asked me about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.  I just could not lie.  I told him that the dentist would give him some shots and yes those would probably hurt, but then his mouth would be numb and it wouldn’t hurt.

He nearly broke my hand while getting those shots, but I was so proud of him because he didn’t make a  sound while getting any of his work done.  He did make a small peep at the end when his tooth was getting pulled, but I think it was more out of surprise than anything else.  He didn’t even ask for any pain relief later on in the evening when the anesthetic had worn off.  My little big man.

I am not prepared for my babies to be not babies anymore.  And HOLY SHIT I’m about to have another baby and do this… All. Over. Again!  Someone should send supplies!  Like Xanex, coffee, and a shot gun.

Boo to you!

Has everyone survived the sugar coma known as Halloween yet?  I avoided the kids candy bags as much as I could.  Neil wasn’t planning on going with us, but as the last minute (Thursday night) he decided he wanted to dress up, but not trick-or-treat.  Then after we actually got out there walking, he wanted to do it.  Ugh… men, even in boy form, are worse than women about decision making.

This has been one of the best weekends that I can remember in quite some time.  I actually convinced the husband to go on a date!  I know!!!  We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant and then headed to a real haunted house for a candle lit tour at the Octagon Hall.  I purchased a few raffle tickets to participate in an overnight ghost hunt!  Everyone cross their fingers that they pick my name for one of the 5 people they are going to choose.  It was a great time and I can’t wait to go back for a regular tour of the house and grounds.

One of the irritating things about living in the Bible Belt is the tendency to refuse to celebrate any type of Pagan holiday, or any holiday that seems Pagan, on a Sunday.  Therefore, we had to do our candy grabbing on Saturday.  It’s all good though, we got to go back to my hometown, spend time with friends, take the kids trick-or-treating, and not have to worry about getting up early the next day for school/work.

Hope every one had a wonderful Halloween weekend and enjoy the week to come!

A Journey through Hair

It’s been long.  
It’s been short.
It’s been pink.
With the exception of the short ‘do (which was cut by a friends’ sister), I haven’t been to a hair dresser since I got my hair done for prom.  About 14 years ago…  
My husband has been my hair stylist all this time and I have to say that he’s gotten pretty good at it.  Friday I decided to make a spur of moment venture into MasterCuts at the mall.  That was an adventure that I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN.  I ended up sitting there for almost 3 hours, couldn’t go pick up Neil when the school called and said he was sick, then was almost late picking up Kaia!  That’s not what really got me though…  it was the $105 price tag that nearly gave me a heart attack.  She’d already done my hair so what was I supposed to say?  Undo the cut and color?  Yea, not going to happen so I grudgingly handed over my debit card.  I have yet to tell my husband the exact amount of getting my hair done by a “professional”.  The quotes around professional are due to the hair coloring that I had to scrap off of my ear, forehead, and neck with a wire brush after I got home.  I guess I deserved a day of hair pampering after not having it done in 14 years…

A little blonde, a little red, and some dark brown.  I do like it, but jeez… I’ll never do that again!  What kind of hair adventures have you been on?

Communing with the Gods

Four days of no internet.  Two days with no cell phone.  It was actually nice to get away.

We did eventually have to find our way to Harrisburg because they have a Wal-Mart there.  And it’s the most awesome Wal-Mart ever freakin’ made!  The aisles are wide, the product was displayed on nice eye level shelving, and THEY SELL LIQUOR!  Not just beer, but an aisle of wine (not in boxes) and fifths of anything from Crown to Captain.  I was in awe.  Never, ever, ever, thought I’d see a Wally World that sold liquor.

We had to get a new air mattress because on night one we found out that ours apparently has a leak in it.  By the time we decided to get up, we were laying on the ground.  This is where we also purchased our very first GPS unit.  We opted for the inexpensive Garmin nüvi 1100.  I was all kinds of excited.  Like a kid at Christmas with a new toy.  I started pushing this and touching that and got it all set up and ready to navigate us back to our campsite.

Then that stooopid GPS lady told us to turn down this gravel road…

As gravel roads go, this one isn’t that bad.  We thought this would just be a “cut through” to the main road that we weren’t aware of.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  After this road, that same stupid ass GPS lady said turn right onto Derby Road.

This is Derby Road.  I would have called it more of a Derby path, but she said it was a damn road.  This is the “good” end of the path.  About half a mile after I took this photo, it turned into something only a Jeep with a 3 inch lift kit should be driving on.  Seriously.  I was too preoccupied with the fact that my 2008 Kia Spectra5 was nearly stuck in a mini-ravine with only two tires touching the Earth to remember to photograph the hilarity.

It was worth all the cussing and fussing for these views and some time to just relax…


And a real life, honest to goodness telephone booth!  I tried to get Chris to stop here on the last trip, but he was in too big of a hurry to get home.  He humored me this time around though and I was shocked to discover there was actually a pay phone in the booth.  Even more shocked to realize it was a working pay phone!  So I called up Bill & Ted…

Tomorrow’s post will be brought to you by Kaia and Neil, who discovered the video function on my point & shoot Kodak.

S’more Family Time

The kids started their Fall Break from school this week.  WE never got a break from school in the Fall!  We didn’t have to go to school at the beginning of August either, but I guess everyone has to make sacrifices.

Almost a month ago, my husband began having to work 7 days a week.  It was mandatory with absolutely NO VACATION TIME being approved.  At the time, it was only for 3 weeks.  Now it’s “until further notice”.  Luckily, he got in 2 days of vacation time just before they decided it would last longer than 3 weeks.

Back in September, we made a semi-spontaneous trip to visit the Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois.  We had such a good time and it was so absolutely beautiful that I immediately made plans for us to visit again.  The time has come!

At the beginning of the Summer, we set up our big tent to let it air out.  Mother Nature had other plans and a quick moving afternoon thunderstorm took out our comfortable camping abode.  We’ve made due with our small 4 person tent.  While our family does consist of only 4 people, a 4 person tent isn’t really big enough for an extending camping stay.


I was searching and searching for an affordable alternative to our small tent.  I thought for sure that most stores camping equipment would be going on sale or clearance.  It was wishful thinking.  Wal-Mart had not a single tent on their shelves!  Target, the same.  I ventured to Dunham’s only to find a suitable tent in a box that looked like it had been run over by a semi about 10 times.  I know the damaged box shouldn’t have swayed my opinion because I’m sure the tent inside was fine, but the lack of help from the store employees really made my decision for me.

I finally relented and went to Gander Mountain.  I’ll never use them as a last resort again!  Not only were the employees super helpful and nice, I got the above tent for nearly 1/2 off the shelf price!  It has two rooms, attachable cup holders, two separate shelving units, a nice Velcro opening for an extension cord (although our camping location has no electricity) and an expendable canopy.  Needless to say, I am super excited and proud about my purchase.

Tomorrow is pack up the car day, then we’ll be leaving out on Thursday morning for a 4 day mini-vacation camping in the wilderness!  Obviously there isn’t any internet connections available and I have no plans to do any automatic posting while we’re gone.    I can’t wait to share photos from our adventure when we get back though!

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend!

Back to School, Back to Blogging – Week 2

Kludgy Mom
It’s that time again!  Week #2 of Back to School, Back to Blogging has begun.  Thanks be to Gigi for getting us all motivated.

This weeks writing assignment deals with the dreaded writers block.  I have this all the freakin’ time!  I just don’t live a super exciting life.  I know that’s a shocker because I am so damn awesome, but it’s true.

The reading assignment for this week really had me thinking about the who’s, why’s, where’s, when’s, and etc. of me and my blog.  I started blogging because…  well, I don’t really have a reason why.  I just started to do it.  I have a friend, Cam, who has been my friend since we were like 11 or 12, who first got the idea going.  She is an excellent writer.  She should be writing novels.  Super ginormous novels full of awesome-sauce.  All these years together and her writing skills have not rubbed off on me.  After blogging since 2007, I don’t think I’ve found my blog voice yet.  I feel I should write with the true me more often.  Though I don’t want to scare any current or future readers away, I feel it’s time to start letting more of me into the blog.

On to the writing assignment!

Gigi has the best idea going for smacking the shit out of some writers block.  Guess what she’s calling it?  The Idea Bank!  Clever, right?  I think it’s awesome!  I haven’t even begun to come up with any ideas to add to the list, but as of Monday morning at 9AM there are already 310 ideas!  Wowza!  It was hard to choose an idea, but I finally picked one.

#204 – There’s a Delorian in your driveway & you can now travel through time. Where would you go?

Seriously?  Marty McFly is in my driveway?  Sweet Mother of Pearl, let’s get the hell outta here!  I sat, thought, sat some more, had a cup of coffee and finally decided that I’d want to travel back to being a teenager.  Not because I love teen angst or zits, but because it was such a carefree time.  Of course, when I was actually there it didn’t seem very carefree, but now… jeez, it really was the best of times!

I wouldn’t want to change much.  I would want to do more.  I would like to have spent more time with my friends actually doing something.  I grew up in tiny little podunk town where the population was around 1,500.  We didn’t even have a stop light.  Didn’t have a grocery store either… still doesn’t have a grocery store.  What I’m getting at is that there was NOTHING to do in that town.  So instead of being adventurous teens who went camping or fishing, we did things like park several cars in a row in the middle of some random farmers corn field whilst passing a non-government issue “cigarette” from one car to the next.  Sure those were fun times, but we had no imagination.  None.  I mean, we were young!  We should have been more motivated…

I’d go back there.  Spend one day, one night.  Actually LIVING.  Instead of just sitting around thinking about getting out of that crap hole.  We were thinking about living, but weren’t actually doing it.

I love my life now so changing the past would be stupid.  Of course, there are things that I’d love to go easier.  Laundry that washes itself, dishes that were magically cleaned, children who were well behaved, and to have inherited a shitload of money… but we all have dreams, right?

So if I swung by your place in the Delorian, where would you go?  Leave me a comment then visit my community in Blog Frog to continue the discussion.