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One Tree at a Time

I found a website that I am so very excited to share.  Mach’s Green is a site that will plant a tree for your blog.  Well, not for my blog, but for me.  And my children.  And my children’s children.  And to make my blogging carbon neutral!

The site is in German, but if (like me) you use Google’s Chrome browser, it will automatically ask if you would like to translate the page to English (or your language of choice!).  It is all very basic and straightforward.

To join, just write a post about what they are doing (share the love!), add one of their buttons, then email a link to that post to CO2-neutral@kaufda.de.  That easy, that simple.  Once they get your email, they will plant a tree for you!  You can find more information about how to join and HTML code for buttons here.  It will take you 10 minutes and save so much!