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Where’d She Go?

I know that I dropped a bomb on y’all then kind of abandoned the blog for the rest of the week.  Please accept my apologies.  I’ve been being a good mom by volunteering at my kids school for the Fall edition of their Scholastic Book Fair.  It’s not really hard work, but it’s definitely time consuming and will tire you out!  Grandparent’s Day always has a big turn out and the last day of sales (Thursday) has kids visiting the library up until mere seconds before the bell rings.  It’s fun, exciting, and gratifying to see so many kids be so excited to get books.

I decided to add a page to do some photo updates of my quickly growing belly.  I wasn’t such a camera clicking crazy person when my first children were born so I didn’t take nearly as many photos of them as I wish that I had or any photos of all of myself during the pregnancy.  I mentioned the quickness of the growing belly.  I’ll freely admit that even before I knew there was a reason for my belly to look pregnant, it looked pregnant.  I often wondered how long I could pawn off my little belly inner tube on the kids, who are 9 and 11.  I am just 5 weeks along and already the pants are uncomfortable when buttoned.  I’m freakin’ out.  Obviously, we’re on a budget and I can’t possibly run out and buy tons of maternity clothes.  Did anyone else (who has had multiple kids) notice that you began to grow sooner than with your previous pregnancies?  I honestly don’t even know where to buy maternity clothes where I won’t look frumpy and still get the most for my money.  Anyone have any suggestions??  Stores, types of clothing, online shops?

Did I mention how big of a surprise this was?  We have a crib.  That’s it.  Things have changed so much in the past 9 years that I really don’t even know where to begin with gadgets for this baby.  So again, I’m going to ask for some advice from you, my dear readers.  Give me some recommendations for all things baby!!


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  1. Congratulations lady! I did show very fast this second time around. As far as advice, I would say try to concentrate on buying what you need, and not the things that you want because they're cute. At the end of the day, babies don't care about cute, lol!

  2. I think that Old Navy has maternity clothes now and JC Penneys. I only have 2 and the second one showed much quicker. Maybe you could ask friends and borrow…the clothes are only used for a short time. Congrats and best of luck!

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