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Turning Bears into Tigers

Back in early October Kaia found herself a wooly worm.  They are technically called a Wooly Bear Caterpillar and they will turn into Isabella Tiger moths in the Spring.  She wanted to keep it, but I told her that we had to let it go so it could prepare for the coming winter.  It wasn’t until after we had let it go that I discovered, you CAN keep them!  So about a week ago, she found another little wooly worm minding his own business and scooped him up.  

He has his own little habitat in our dining room.  He really doesn’t require too much in the way of care.  He has a stick and every day we clean out the old grass (and caterpillar poo) and give him fresh grass.  I try to make sure I get grass in the morning when there is still dew on it.  He’s pretty much become part of our family.  She named him “Catty”… ’cause he’s a cat-erpillar…  She’s so original.

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  1. I think this little guy( or girl) is so cute, it will be exciting to watch Kaia as "Catty" grows and changes

  2. Not sure we've ever had this one before, but I've watch many a caterpillar turn into butterflies here. I'm sure you've seen a few. I'll have to show the kids your pics.

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