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Calling All Readers…


I need your help.  I want to use my own domain name.  Problem is moretome.com is already registered and I don’t really have the desire to have my domain name registered in one place and my site hosted somewhere else.

So I need y’all’s help with ideas for a good domain name!  And possibly some suggestions on going with Bluehost or Dreamhost or someotherhost for hosting the site.  Should I stick with the Blogger platform or should I give WordPress.org a whirl??  Questions, questions, questions!!



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  1. Hi,Saw this from your tweet. I'll give you my experience. Started on blogger and loved it (and even miss it!). But when I took the leap to own my URL, I made the migration to WP as well. Its been a bumpy ride but I love the opportunities that await me. I totally recommend making the leap to WP. That said, I believe you can be whateveryourname.com without self hosting.I do self host with 1and1.com. I bought a couple of URL names (my current and one based on my twitter name) If you come up with some names, you might want to buy a few (pretty cheap under $10 each).I know this doesn't help you much but I'm a little new to this myself. But I will tell you WordPress really does provide greater functionality than blogger does, though it is a bit more complicated.Good luck!

  2. I am not good at coming up with domain names but could you use more2me.com? I use HostGator for my site and I love them. They are very user friendly have great 24/7 live chat support.

  3. Thanks for the advice you guys! I've emailed y'all!

  4. Here's my 2 cents. Switch to wordpress.org. It was a steep learning curve but I have no regrets. Could you use your name as a domain?

  5. I know several bloggers who use Bluehost and hate it. Their servers are always going down.

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