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It’s Alive!

Yep, I’m still here!  I feel like I’ve been gone for a century.  We did so much over the course of only 4 days.  A circus, off-roading (in a non 4-wheel drive), hiking, crying 2 year olds (at 1AM)… the list goes on.

Let me tell you about last Wednesday’s trip to the circus….

I went to the circus once when I was a little girl.  About the only things I can remember about it are riding an elephant and people walking on a big, round cage.  Neither my husband or my kids had ever been to one.  I got super lucky and found out that I could get FREE tickets through our local Girl Scout office!  There was a buzz in the car on the way to the Ag Center.

Upon arrival we had to wait no less than 15 minutes at the stop light just to turn onto the road.  Getting into the parking lot (a field) was so much fun that I can’t even express how damn happy I was to see all of those vehicles!  Finally got inside, got seats, took a deep breath.

They were giving elephant and pony rides.  How often do you get to ride an elephant right?  After seeing that poor elephant, my daughter (who was REALLY wanting to ride one) declared that it would be too awful to ride her because she looked so worn out and tired.  She felt so bad for that poor elephant that she kept shaking her head and saying how sad it was.  When one of the circus employees piled no less than 8 kids on the elephant at one time, she was livid; wanting to know why he was putting so much weight on her.  Elephant riding was definitely out.  Not to mention that it was $10 per person to ride around the circle only 2 times.  Pony rides?  $7 per person.  Couldn’t bring myself to pay $7 for something she can do for free by asking our neighbors.

I was shocked at the prices.  $5 for a snow cone, $4 for cotton candy, plastic swords and glow-y things were $10-15, take a picture with a snake – $7.  I know that all the money (is supposed to) go to taking care of the animals, but jeez…. really?  $5 for a damn snow cone?

I was not impressed by this circus.  I know it wasn’t some Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey’s type, but seeing the animals made me sad.  When they did their tiger routine,  I just sat there gawking.  I felt that the ring leader guy was being way too aggressive.  The tigers all looked like they would rather eat him than look at him.  I’m glad that the kids got to go and I think they enjoyed themselves.  I guess seeing a circus through adult eyes is different from the youthful ones I remembered.

Have you been to a circus lately?  What are your thoughts about animals for entertainment in this setting?


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  1. I'm with Kaia…it's so sad. Makes me want to see tougher restrictions for these little carnie type circus shows! I remember going to one there, too. And, I also remember one that set up outside Greenwood Mall, and there were people out there protesting about the animals! Good for them! What really really breaks me down, is my love for elephants…they are the most soulful animals. They know how they are being treated. I'm such a wuss. I totally have tears in my eyes. Good for Kaia…

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