I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

I was cruising through the Idea Bank looking for a topic to do the last part of my assignment for the Back to School, Back to Blogging class this week. There are so many good ideas that it’s hard to choose just one. So I chose two.

585. How soon should we begin teaching our children about God?
586. Why have you chosen not to teach your children about God?

I know that religion is a very touchy subject, but I’m going to poke it.

*poke* *poke*

I grew up going to church off and on.  I remember attending church with my grandmother when I was just a little girl.  One of the few things that I ever did with her.  I also remember going to church as a teenager because our bus driver was the pastor at the Methodist church.  I also remember not getting much out of it.

Now I’m going to open up about how I feel at the risk of losing followers because I have vowed to find my voice when it comes to my blog.  You can’t place me in a certain category when it comes to religion.  I tend to lean a little toward Buddhism and more Earth friendly higher powers.  I’ve never found that connection that many church goers have.  I feel that the Bible is a book.  History has shown us time and time again that it is written by the “winner” not necessarily the right one.  That is essentially what the Bible is, a history.  I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around and putting all my beliefs into the writings in a book.  Especially when so many other cultures and religions are out there.  The Bible teaches love and understanding, yet damns gays and lesbians and other religions.

When it comes to children…  my children have attended church.  They believe in God.  I try not to influence them in their beliefs because I want them to have a choice.  I want them to be free to chose whatever religion, or lack there of, that they feel most connected with.  When I first began to question my own beliefs, I realized that I felt like I was cheating on God.  I thought He would be mad at me for looking outside of the “Christian” box.  I don’t want my own children to feel that way.  It’s not that we don’t teach them about God, I try to teach them about all religions.  If they were to have grown up in India, they would most likely follow Hinduism, Japan; Buddhism, Iraq; Islam, and so on.  I want them to know that just because we live in America, we don’t have to believe a certain way.

Everyone needs to have faith in something.  Faith can get you through just about everything in life.  But I think George Carlin got it best…


And that’s all I’ll say about religion.


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  1. I fully agree with everything you have to say 100%! And I don't think I could have said it any better or any more politically correct.

  2. Thanks Jackie! I appreciate the feedback!

  3. TWO THUMBS UP !!!!!you said everything beautifully and with the help by the late and GREAT George Carlin…

  4. We are an agnostic/atheist household… but my daughter is in an activity that tends to be populated by religious people.One of the most important things that I stress to her is tolerance. "You don't have to believe, but never disparage other people's beliefs."

  5. It's a very tricky one. Because, despite what any of us believe – we don't have facts, we have faith. And faith should really be an inner thing; so the minute we pursue telling our kids, we're taking them away from their inner beliefs, and taking them on your track. You might be into buddhism now, but when you were 14, it would have just sounded like a bunch of foreign people sitting around on mountains acting weird. You weren't ready for it. It's more profound when you find your own way.Maybe It'd be good to teach young people about themselves. Guide them to follow their own process, dreams, ideas and concerns. Show them what religion is, show them what good it does, what bad it does. Tell them the things faith has done for you. Tell them about the time faith has been enough.Actually, scrap all that. Just focus on loving them 🙂

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