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Happy Friday!  I’m so glad that I can see the weekend from here!

This week I’ve got lots to flip off.  Gigi is still working the Back to School, Back to Blogging event so Momma Kiss is hosting again this week!  Be sure to stop by!
To my OB/GYN’s office… On Tuesday I got to visit my OB/GYN so he could smear my Pap.  This appointment is lovely all by itself, but when you add in the 2 HOURS that I spent chillin’ there it just gets better.  My appointment was at 8:55AM.  I arrived as soon as the doors opened at 8:30AM.  I look around, smile nice, and say good morning to the other 4 ladies who are waiting to see the same Dr.  I quickly figure this all up in my head and deduce he’s going to have to see all of them for only 5 minutes a piece for me to be seen at my appointment time.  At a little after 9AM, they finally call me back.  To the 2nd waiting area.  Finally I get put in a room.  A nurse does all the junk like take my blood pressure, ask about my period, how many pregnancies, how many kids, yada, yada, yada…  She hands me the ass-flapper gown and a starchy white sheet.  Get nekkid, she says.  So I sit, with my ass catching a breeze in the most uninviting doctors office I have ever been in.  One magazine, Field & Stream.  Not one single picture, poster, or clock on the damn wall.  NOT ONE.  I can’t even open the blinds on the window to see if there is any life left out there because they’ve got those new fangled blinds that are inside the glass.  I sat for almost 30 minutes before the doctor finally arrived in the room.  I made it out alive at almost 10:30AM.  So FLIP OFF for over scheduling patients and making us wait in what amounts to the most uncomfortable place for we ladies to go.
To the overly loud nurse at the OB/GYN’s office…  I understand that you need to take my information, but could you possibly call me to the counter before practically yelling my information across the room?  Oh and by the way, when you are calling patients back to let them know their lab results are back, why don’t you do that from a separate room?  I don’t know… maybe a room where there aren’t 3 other patients sitting and hearing every single word you say.  FLIP OFF loud nurse!
To the over priced, insufferably shitty trash service…  Do you notice a pattern here?  You are on my list practically EVERY WEEK.  This week you are on it because guess what?  My trash pick up day was yesterday.  Not today.  I didn’t enjoy picking up all the stinky smelly trash that ended up in my yard because you didn’t arrive to pick up my trash on the correct day.  FLIP OFF yet again, Scott Waste Management.
To the lazy asshole… who pulled up in my driveway yesterday and blew the horn.  Not once, not twice, not even three times, but a total of at least 5 times (not just one honk each time either).  Are your damn legs broken?  Were your passengers legs broken as well?  Let me tell you a little secret, if you are too damn lazy to get out of your vehicle and walk about 10 feet to knock on my door, I’m too damn lazy to come out to see who you are and what you want.  FLIP OFF you asshole.
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  1. I HATE hornhonkers… WTF? Get your ass out of the car. Our neighbors used to have someone who did that… at all hours of the day… 7am… *HONK*… 10pm *HONK* DUDE!!! STFU!

  2. You got a lot of shart to say, dontcha!? Obgyn- getting your pap smeared? Lmao! Sorry. I couldn't help it!!

  3. I get SO mad when I have to wait AFTER they make me strip. I sit there and wait and feel like I have to pee so I get dressed, pee and get naked again. And then I have to pee again. I have a fear of peeing on the doc during a pap smear so I get all stressed out.

  4. LMAO @ getting your pap smeared. Too funny!!! I am so glad you liked my tutorial on how to add a favicon. BTW, where in Kentucky are you? I live in NKY right outside of Cincinnati.

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