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Ye Gods!

I was so excited yesterday to have received “Clash of the Titans” from Netflix.  I could hardly bare to wait until everyone was home from work/school so we could all sit down and watch this flick.

I was so disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong.  Seeing Sam Worthington made it better, but this remake of the 1981 classic “Clash of the Titans” barely even came close to following the original story line!  Now the ’81 version may see a little “cheesy”, but I’ve loved it since I was a little girl.  The Gods, Harry Hamlin, the Fates, the cute little metal owl… all of it was awesome.

The original didn’t even have Hades represented.  Perseus was enamored with Princess Andromeda, not some cursed to not age Io (still don’t know who that chick was).  Calibos was in love with Andromeda and that’s why Perseus fought him.  Calibos wasn’t sent to kill Perseus by Hades.  Where did these Djinn come from?  Oh for the love of the Gods….  what were they thinking?  Remaking a film is fine if you want to update it to a point, but rewriting the story?!  Well, that just stinks.  And the cute little owl?  Well he had a very, very brief cameo in the remake.  Which is irritating because he played a vital role in the original.  Not to mention, isn’t he the cutest little robot, made of metal, owl you’ve ever seen?

There were a few things that I will give a thumbs up to…

Medusa.  While she was all kinds of CGI, she was still impressive.

Medusa… uh natural?
Medusa turning you to stone.

The Kraken.  Again CGI, but scary.

Please tell me that you floss.

The Fates.  Great make up work on these ladies.

And finally…. Pegasus.  In the original he was white in color.  There are white pegasi (ha… pegasi) in the remake, but Perseus chooses to befriend the much larger black colored Pegasus.  I think I like him better.

My overall review is that I guess it’s an “OK” movie.  If I hadn’t seen (and loved) the original then I might have a different opinion of this version.  I would recommend seeing it, but just be aware that it’s NOTHING like the original.

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