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Wordful Wednesday

First let me apologize for the craptastic quality of the photo.  I took it with my cell phone so cell phone photo = craptastic imaging. At least with my cell phone anyway…

This is my foot.  That is not my shoe.  We are a little behind in the whole school shoe shopping adventures seeing as the kids started school about 3 weeks ago.  We just shopped this weekend.

This shoe actually belongs to my baybeh.  My first born.  My Neil-age.  How can he possibly be old enough, or big enough, to have the same size foot as his momma?!?  When did this happen?  And how do I make it stop!?!


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  1. Yep. Totally convinced. They grow up way entirely too fast. Stay tuned for my next post about this. Sigh. Happy belated WW!

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