I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

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Though I’ve had a fairly good week, I haven’t done a nice virtual detox in a while and it’s time.

To my fragile, splitting, peeling fingernails…  Why can’t you just grow like normal fingernails?  Though I love getting my nails done every couple of weeks, it’s not only bad for my nails, it can be kind of costly.  Just grow already…  FLIP OFF!

To the people who barely spoke a word to me while in school (13 years ago) or now for that matter, who suddenly feel the need to think they actually know me because we are “friends” on some social networking site…  You do not know me at all so…  FLIP OFF!

To those crazy weird looking cave crickets in my basement… you are CREEPY go away and FLIP OFF!

Why is there a frog in my basement?  Could it be those crickets?  Ahhhhhh….. FLIP OFF!!

*sigh*  Well, that feels slightly better!  Want to have a little virtual detox of you own?  Join up with the blog hop and visit other Friday Flip-offs!


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  1. "Cave crickets." Too funny. Great flip offs!

  2. Yah, let the frog do it's job and the crickets will be no more.Think of all those "friends" as potential blog readers. Stopping over from Friday Flips.

  3. About the nails. I had a manicure ohhhh a month or more ago, and one day while working I was lamenting my horrible, peeling, cracking nails, Saying I was never going to get a manicure again because this happens every. single. time. I do, when my co-worker told me of a sure fire fix. And no manicures until they are strong again…and really, I probably wont get anther one with nail polish, it is that which dries out the nails. Don't ask me, I guess they have special polish that does just that, lol.Anyway. I am in the middle of it myself, but it seems to be working and thought I would pass along this trick she read about in a magazine while waiting at the doctors office.Every night before you hit the bed, get out the Vaseline and rub a little on each of your nails. Just a little will do, and then wipe off any excess and then go to sleep. Do this for 2 weeks. Like I said, I am only on the first week, but it seems to be doing the job. Try it and I hope it works for you!

  4. Good one! I have yucky looking cave crickets in my basement too!! UGH!!

  5. Tina, Danielle – I know right! Cave crickets… just those two words together are icky!Christina – That is my hope. That the frog was lured in by the crickets so he'll eat 'em!Winkasheart – It's worth a try! Thanks for the advice!

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