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Friday Flip Offs – August 27th Edition

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Though I’ve had a fairly good week, I haven’t done a nice virtual detox in a while and it’s time.

To my fragile, splitting, peeling fingernails…  Why can’t you just grow like normal fingernails?  Though I love getting my nails done every couple of weeks, it’s not only bad for my nails, it can be kind of costly.  Just grow already…  FLIP OFF!

To the people who barely spoke a word to me while in school (13 years ago) or now for that matter, who suddenly feel the need to think they actually know me because we are “friends” on some social networking site…  You do not know me at all so…  FLIP OFF!

To those crazy weird looking cave crickets in my basement… you are CREEPY go away and FLIP OFF!

Why is there a frog in my basement?  Could it be those crickets?  Ahhhhhh….. FLIP OFF!!

*sigh*  Well, that feels slightly better!  Want to have a little virtual detox of you own?  Join up with the blog hop and visit other Friday Flip-offs!