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I’ve cleaned up around ye olde bloggy today.  I felt that the footer was too busy.  Too cluttered.

Now the badges, banners, etc. have their own little place to call home.  I’ve also given the archives and labels their own places as well.  All of these can be found at the top with the page links.  Bonus photos now in the footer!  I call them “Jumping for Beth” photos 1-3.  I’m also going to start utilizing the “jump break” feature here so those sort of long posts won’t take up the whole main page!

I’m most proud of the artsy fartsy “social networking” icons at the side.  Aren’t they just terrific?  Yea, I thought so too!  So I thought I would show you how you can do this super simple trick yourself!  The lovely designer of my blog layout gave a great tutorial on it as well.  I can’t not give her credit for showing me how to do it.  That would be all kinds of wrong!

So’s here we go…..

First off go visit this website to find some free icons that you can use.  There are 55 different sets to choose from!  Once you find the set you like, download the images then upload them to your choice of image host ie. Photobucket, flickr, etc.

Go to “Add a Gadget”, chose the “HTML/Javascript” gadget and add the following code:

Obviously you’ll have to add in your own links where the code says “yourlinkhere” and “your graphic…”.  Once you’ve done this, save.

The next part is a bit tricky and will require you to access the “Edit HTML” tab on your dashboard.  Make sure you SAVE YOUR TEMPLATE before doing anything at all to it!  I have a custom template so where you place the following code may be different for you.  I had to place it in a couple of different places before I found the correct placement.  I would initially try placing it after the “variable definitions” section.  That is where I placed the code for mine.

Wow… it’s hard to write legibly with a mouse…

You will probably need to adjust the width and “top” increments.  My icons are 50px x 50px so I had to adjust the width to 50px as well.  If you would like your icons to be near the middle of your page, adjust the “top” to 50%, near the top of the page would be around 20%.  It’s easy to see what your page will look like now without having to save by just clicking “preview”.  Once you have everything the way you want it, click save!

TADA!  You did it!  Simple and painless, right?


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  1. Christine, OH mY goodness gracious me oh my! That you did all that stuff is one thing but that you put it on your blog for dumbos like myself so we could try an do it is another. WOWZA! How bout you just come over to my haus and do it for me : ) pleeese. I need to learn this stuff, but it just makes my head hurt. Thanks so much for the explanation, maybe after a good night sleep and pot of java joe I will try it. I love you blog by the way. Mine is in much need of a clean up. Ok, all that said I finally got around to doing the sunshine award on my blog…sorry it took me so long.

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