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Archive for August 24, 2010

The Next Installment

It’s been awhile since I did a “Yes Please!” post, but after searching for a photo for an earlier post I realized I needed to do another one.  It’s been too long and we all need a little eye candy every now and then, right?
Alexander Skarsgard
He’s a “bad boy” so what’s not to love about him.  Bonus points because of the fangs, Mr. Northman. Oh and that Rolling Stone cover photo, too!

Joe Manganiello
Alcide Herveaux. Strong, seemingly sweet, and hot (in a werewolf kind of way). Plus we share the same birthday!

Karl Urban
Loved his role in the new Star Trek. Recently discovered his acting in Lord of the Rings and Ghost Ship.

Sam Worthington
This man is my new obsession. I watched “Avatar” just to see him. He gets bonus points because he’s…
1) a terminator
2) in a movie with Christian Bale.