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What the *#$%&

GAP | $69.50 | Faded Black Wash legging jean

I have never been a fan of the skinny jean.  Possibly because I don’t find them comfortable, but mainly because you have to be a size negative 10 to pull them off.  Now someone has designed some monstrosity called…

That’s jeans + leggings or just denim leggings.  The main difference between these and the regular skinny jean is that the jegging has more Lycra.  You know, so they can be tighter.
It’s just my personal opinion, but aren’t clothes supposed to cover you?  Not stick to you as if someone painted them on.  While browsing these… things…. I noticed that in nearly every photo the ladies were wearing heels.  What about the rest of us who rarely wear those heels?  Do they go well with say… sneakers?

If women aren’t already overly self conscious of our bodies, this just gets worse.  Do babies really need to have denim diapers?  I mean … they POOP in them!  I want my kids to be “fashion forward”, but there is no way that I’d buy these for a toddler or infant!  Kids at that age don’t really care what they look like.  They know what makes them uncomfortable though.

I’m sure that loads of people love these types of jeans.  That’s why we have choices and choices are great.  So… make the right choice here people.  Please don’t pay $70 for “jeggings”!

P.S. If you are a guy… skinny jeans always get a big ol’ NO!!!