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Tasty Tuesdays: Banana Bread

Happy Tuesday!!

Last weekend Kaia Papaya’s Girl Scout troop had a big yard and bake sale to raise money to attend a shin-dig in Louisville.  I decided I was seriously too lazy to go through all the stuff I know I need to have a yard sale and sell so I made banana bread.  It’s so super easy to make and everyone in the house loves it.  I ended up making 6 loaves of the stuff.  I don’t even have to look at the recipe anymore!

I don’t have a fancy shmancy mixer (not for lack of really, really wanting one) so this recipe is convenient because you don’t have to have one!  I made all 6 loaves just using that indispensable wooden spoon you see in the photo.

Easy peasy chicken greasy!  Ok, so maybe leave out the chicken grease…

Print away!

Don’t forget to stop by Alicia’s for more awesome “Tasty Tuesday” recipes!


Little Boxes

A few months ago my dad showed me a few websites showcasing tiny houses.  Some of these houses are so eco-friendly and sustainable, but every time I visit one of the websites I hear the theme song from “Weeds”.  Any  hoooo….  This morning the Tiny House Blog featured a round house built in 1997 in the UK.

It seems there is a bit of controversy and some people want them to demolish the structure.  It only cost them about $4,700 to build!  The house is about 21 feet wide and they have NO BILLS!  They use solar panels and a wind turbine, grow their own food and use a composting toilet.

View the full post here.

Friday Flip Offs – August 27th Edition

Friday Flip-offs are brought to you by Gigi at Kludgy Mom!  Go visit her blog and give her some love!

Though I’ve had a fairly good week, I haven’t done a nice virtual detox in a while and it’s time.

To my fragile, splitting, peeling fingernails…  Why can’t you just grow like normal fingernails?  Though I love getting my nails done every couple of weeks, it’s not only bad for my nails, it can be kind of costly.  Just grow already…  FLIP OFF!

To the people who barely spoke a word to me while in school (13 years ago) or now for that matter, who suddenly feel the need to think they actually know me because we are “friends” on some social networking site…  You do not know me at all so…  FLIP OFF!

To those crazy weird looking cave crickets in my basement… you are CREEPY go away and FLIP OFF!

Why is there a frog in my basement?  Could it be those crickets?  Ahhhhhh….. FLIP OFF!!

*sigh*  Well, that feels slightly better!  Want to have a little virtual detox of you own?  Join up with the blog hop and visit other Friday Flip-offs!

Spring…errr Fall Cleaning!

I’ve cleaned up around ye olde bloggy today.  I felt that the footer was too busy.  Too cluttered.

Now the badges, banners, etc. have their own little place to call home.  I’ve also given the archives and labels their own places as well.  All of these can be found at the top with the page links.  Bonus photos now in the footer!  I call them “Jumping for Beth” photos 1-3.  I’m also going to start utilizing the “jump break” feature here so those sort of long posts won’t take up the whole main page!

I’m most proud of the artsy fartsy “social networking” icons at the side.  Aren’t they just terrific?  Yea, I thought so too!  So I thought I would show you how you can do this super simple trick yourself!  The lovely designer of my blog layout gave a great tutorial on it as well.  I can’t not give her credit for showing me how to do it.  That would be all kinds of wrong!

So’s here we go…..

First off go visit this website to find some free icons that you can use.  There are 55 different sets to choose from!  Once you find the set you like, download the images then upload them to your choice of image host ie. Photobucket, flickr, etc.

Go to “Add a Gadget”, chose the “HTML/Javascript” gadget and add the following code:

Obviously you’ll have to add in your own links where the code says “yourlinkhere” and “your graphic…”.  Once you’ve done this, save.

The next part is a bit tricky and will require you to access the “Edit HTML” tab on your dashboard.  Make sure you SAVE YOUR TEMPLATE before doing anything at all to it!  I have a custom template so where you place the following code may be different for you.  I had to place it in a couple of different places before I found the correct placement.  I would initially try placing it after the “variable definitions” section.  That is where I placed the code for mine.

Wow… it’s hard to write legibly with a mouse…

You will probably need to adjust the width and “top” increments.  My icons are 50px x 50px so I had to adjust the width to 50px as well.  If you would like your icons to be near the middle of your page, adjust the “top” to 50%, near the top of the page would be around 20%.  It’s easy to see what your page will look like now without having to save by just clicking “preview”.  Once you have everything the way you want it, click save!

TADA!  You did it!  Simple and painless, right?

From the Desk of Christine…

No Wordless or Wordful Wednesday today.
I’m going to be handing out FREE books to the 4th and 5th graders at my kids school for the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) program!
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

The Next Installment

It’s been awhile since I did a “Yes Please!” post, but after searching for a photo for an earlier post I realized I needed to do another one.  It’s been too long and we all need a little eye candy every now and then, right?
Alexander Skarsgard
He’s a “bad boy” so what’s not to love about him.  Bonus points because of the fangs, Mr. Northman. Oh and that Rolling Stone cover photo, too!

Joe Manganiello
Alcide Herveaux. Strong, seemingly sweet, and hot (in a werewolf kind of way). Plus we share the same birthday!

Karl Urban
Loved his role in the new Star Trek. Recently discovered his acting in Lord of the Rings and Ghost Ship.

Sam Worthington
This man is my new obsession. I watched “Avatar” just to see him. He gets bonus points because he’s…
1) a terminator
2) in a movie with Christian Bale.

Weekend Recap

Kaia with the indestructible egg.

The Girl Scout troop had a shindig on Saturday afternoon at the park.  Hot dogs, potato salad, chips, drinks, and lots of little Girl Scouts!  Kaia Papaya and her partner Kaylee nearly won the three-legged race, but they scored big with the egg toss.  We determined that they had an indestructible egg.  It didn’t even have the tiniest of cracks in it.  Luckily no one took an egg to the face… until after the game was over.  There will be lots of little girls with good hair after having soaked in egg for a while.  The girls had lots of fun and many new girls signed up for the troop.

We dropped little miss egg tosser off at her grandmother’s for an evening of milkshakes and movies.  We headed out for yet another cookout!

Bernie & I

This one came with my new love… mojitos!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been up past say… 10PM.  It’s awesome how being around friends and peers (add in a shot or two of alcohol) can give you a second wind!

It really is a small world.  We ended up running into someone that we went to high school with and someone that had worked with my mom many years ago.  It has been quite some time since we’ve been able to get out and enjoy ourselves as adults.  Even Neil-age had a good time.  He made new friends and got to show off his fantasy football knowledge.

Now all that is left to do is to decide when the next get together will be!


P.S. Don’t the little umbrellas make the drinks better?!