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I Did It!

After trying, without any success, I finally got my first successful “jumping” photo!  I have to give lots and lots of thanks to Beth for giving me a few tips on f-stops and shutter speeds and all that stuff that is speaking a foreign language to me.  She takes THE BEST photos.  Want an example?  Click here or here.  I consider her the originator of the “jumping” photo.  See here.

I will admit that it still needs some work.  I was just glad that I had a willing participant.

So this is my THANK YOU, BETH! for giving me a few pointers!  I plan to take more crazy jumping shots until I get them juuust right.

I’m adding this to the “Wordful Wednesday” linky over at Seven Clown Circus.  Find a photo that you love, but just can’t seem to NOT talk about and join up!


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  1. you are so funny !and YES… you did it fabulously !!and now you'll want to take more and more !!here's another pointer….this same place, same boy and now sit on the ground…almost getting under him and you'll be amazed at what you get !

  2. Jumping shots are hard. I usually just snap until I get one. Great job. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

  3. I haven't tried a jumping shot yet, I need to try. I love they way they come out! Great job BTW

  4. Looks like you got him right at the top of his jump. Nice job 🙂

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