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Itching to Go

So I’m kind of in a rut this week.

My mind has been in a thousand different places and not a single one of them have been here.

We need a vacation.  We need to get away.  The husband’s vacation time doesn’t start until July 1st and I am watching the calendar like a hawk.  Pretty soon it will be hours I’m counting and not days.

But…  my original plan is squashed because of a little oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.  The relatively short drive to the Gulf coast was the biggest incentive to travel those 9 hours to the beautiful sandy beaches.  That’s out.

A fellow blogger made an impromptu trip to see Mount Rushmore.  The idea flooded my head!  What a wonderful idea!  What a great way to see the country and see history!  I did a little research and things were looking promising until I calculated the fuel cost.  Ugh… why can’t gas still be 98 cents a gallon like it was when I was a teenager.  It’s 1,271 miles… one way.  That’s out.  (For this year anyway…)

The current short list includes Washington DC and Niagara Falls.

-Niagara Falls is only 668 miles!  That’s a plus and most activities are under $15 per person.

-D.C. is about 660 miles.  Researching the area I’ve found a nice little campground in Maryland only about an hour from the city.  Biggest plus for this area is nearly everything is free!

Sitting around this house is about the most boring way to spend a Summer vacation.  I’m getting cabin fever and I’m sure the kids are too!  So I’m looking for tips and tricks for visiting these two places!  If anyone has any, please spill the goods!


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  1. First, if you go to DC- you will definitely need to NOT drive – straight into DC- take the subway- they are very clean, the kids will love it, and it will take you anywhere in the city. You can get all day passes, or week passes, and are much cheaper than parking in DC- (at $20-$40per day) Also, DO NOT eat in the National park! We were at Lincoln Memorial/ Korean memorial and the girls got hungry- so while waiting for our tour bus- we decided to eat… hot dog, chips, and small drink= $9.75DO take a tour bus… the one we took was a double decker bus so we could sit on the top- and take awesome pictures… it was pretty amazing and we didn't have to walk everywhere… and they cut us an amazing deal- normally for each person it's $35 for a 2 day pass, but for a family- they will discount for you and you will pay $87.50- but it is WELL worth the cash. It takes you everywhere… including Arlington Cemetery. You can get off and on all day- and they also have a night tour- which is TOTALLY amazing. The stops are right around all the major monuments, and they have a recorded tour guide that will tell you all about the area- which is actually better than some of the live tour guides.

  2. Thanks so much! You'll have to let me know the name of that bus company! I saw the pics and the double decker looks so fun. I think we are leaning towards going to DC and Mt. Rushmore next year so I have lots of time to plan it out. And save the $$$!

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