I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Catching Some Zzzzz’s

Rip Van Winkle must have visited my house this weekend.  That is the only explanation I can come up with.

Now the husband got the rare opportunity to go into work a couple of hours early on both Friday and Saturday for overtime and they offered overtime on Sunday.  That never, ever happens because Sunday overtime means double time on the paycheck.  The only hiccup was that working on Sunday meant that he would have to work 2nd shift (off at 10:35pm) then come home and go back to work on Monday morning (at 6:35am).  This explains why he would need extra sleep.

Ever since the screaming mimi’s got out of school for their Summer break, we’ve enjoyed sleeping in.  Usually until 8:30 or 9am at the latest.  Saturday night we stayed up just a little late and all crashed out around 11pm.  I woke up on Sunday morning just after 6am.  Freaking out… I jumped out of bed, shook the husband and said, “You’re going to be late!  You’re going to be late!”  Only after he had gotten fully dressed and was about to walk out the door did it dawn on me that he was supposed to work 2nd shift, not his regular 1st.  Oops… Back to bed we go.

Fast forward to 11:57am.  The husband gently shakes me awake.  He says, “I think we should get out of bed now.  It’s noon.”  WHAT?!?!  He can’t possibly be serious.  Yet he was.  I checked on the kids.  They were still fast asleep.  No sign of even thinking of waking up anytime soon.  When I did wake them up to tell their dad bye, you’d have thought I was asking them to get out of bed at 4am!  Until I told them that it was already the afternoon.

We went to bed early last night.  In bed by 9:30pm, asleep by 10pm.  After all that sleeping we did and still we were all conked out by 10 o’clock.

And that’s the story of my weekend…. boring, yet intriguing, no?

P.S. I know I’ve changed the layout… AGAIN, but I thought it was about time for something a little simpler.  I like it.  And like always, fully intend on keeping it as long as I can resist being distracted by shiny things…