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Archive for June 10, 2010

Unsolicited Advertising

I love SunChips!
These chips have been around forever, I’d imagine you’ve heard of them.  I’m usually a plain ol’ tortilla chip kind of person.  I was bored with the plain taste so I decided to give the “Harvest Cheddar” flavor of the SunChips a try.  They are so good and everyone in the house likes them.  They’ve just come out with a new flavor, “Peppercorn Ranch”.  So scrumptious, they taste like Cool Ranch Doritos, but are healthier.  Whole grains, 0 g of trans fat & cholesterol, and less fat than regular chips.  Score!!!
Now they have compostable bags too!  We haven’t started composting yet, but at least I know that my chip bag isn’t going to be floating in the landfill for years.  And did I mention that everyone in the house likes them? They do!  I haven’t told the kids that these chips are good for them so SHHHHH keep it down.  Keep it down!!
Go out and grab ya a bag!!
P.S.  Dear SunChips people,
Email me and we’ll work out some kind of deal on how much you owe me for this…