I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin


There are just 15 days until the kiddos are finally out of school for the summer!  I’m excited to just not have to get out of bed at 5:45am.  Ok, well maybe the alarm goes off the first time at 5:45am.  Maybe I hit the snooze until 6am.  The world may never know for sure…  I still haven’t planned any adventures for us.  Guess I better get on that!

I went to the basement this morning to throw a load of clothes into the washer.  We have a mudroom just off of the basement that we are currently using as storage space.  Ok, well maybe it’s just chock full of junk from previous tenants of the house.  Maybe I keep saying we are going to rent one of those huge dumpsters to dispose of it.  Maybe we haven’t done that yet.  Anyway…  I heard some chirping.  Now I knew there had been a bird or two in that room due to one of the small-ish windows having a hole in it.  It cracked and broke during a storm whose winds removed an awning that had previously covered said windows.  I slowly and quietly opened the door to take a peek inside.  Three little birds.  Immediately background music started in my head.  One of them took off fairly quickly, but the other two froze.  I’ve never seen some birds be so still.  I crept past them every so slowly and opened up the outer door to make it easier for them to exit the room.  Then I crept back past them and slowly closed the inner door back.  I check on them again a few minutes ago and they are still there.  This time so was mom and she wasn’t happy with me so I just shut the door back.  I hope they can find there way.

Finally had our first hummingbird at one of the feeders this morning!  We have ruby throated hummingbirds in our region.  I had started to worry that we weren’t going to see any this year because in past years I’ve seen them much earlier than mid-May.  We’ve had some strange weather recently so they may have affected their arrival.  Glad to have them back around.