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Archive for May 11, 2010

Hope and Hoku

I have been enthralled with a hummingbird from California named Phoebe.  Some wonderful people, Mr. and Mrs. P, have set up a live webcam on her nest.  She’s been nesting in this particular rose bush for several years and has 5 nests there.  She alternates between them.

She is a Channel Island Allen’s hummingbird.  A non-migratory race from California.  From reading the information that the P’s have collected and shared, Phoebe usually lays 4-5 clutches of eggs per season.  The general consensus is that this Phoebe is actually Phoebe #2.  No matter, any nesting hummingbird in this bush is automatically dubbed Phoebe.

I have just begun to watch her story. She had laid two eggs already.  I missed the first hatching, but last night I was just checking in to see how things with little ‘Hope’ were going.  I got a great surprise and was able to share it with my kids.  ‘Hoku’ hatched!  I sat and watched the progress for hours.  I’m sure there are other things I could (and should) have been doing, but I just couldn’t look away!  Lucky for you, it was recorded!  The video is more than a hour long, but if you want to see the good stuff go to around an hour and a half.  Enjoy!!