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Proud Momma Day

Neil and I at the KCCT awards ceremony.

Yesterday morning my son’s school held an awards ceremony to honor the students who received a ‘Proficient’ and/or ‘Distinguished’ on last years KCCT testing.  Neil received a ‘Proficient’ in reading and a ‘Distinguished’ in math.  Their school works so hard for the students and pays them back with awesome rewards and praise.  I don’t remember my elementary school being so committed to the students.

Yesterday was also full of sports.  Neil’s team had a make-up game and Kaia’s soccer team had their one and only ‘home’ game.


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  1. You appear to be one busy mama. Congrats- on raising such great kids.

  2. I am this time of year! My daughter's soccer game was at the same time as my son's baseball game yesterday. My husband texted me to let me know that Neil was pitching. I was so excited that I jumped up and my mother-in-law and I ran across 2 soccer fields and skirted the edge of a softball game just to see him pitch to one hitter. =)I'm still exhausted!

  3. Wow busy day. What wonderful awards! And two games to boot? Mommy deserves and award.Thanks for coming by and making my SITS day such a wonderful experience! Your time and words mean the world to me.Lots of yummy love,Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinnerwww.mawhat4dinner.com

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