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Chicken Farming

I was perusing house blogs (Hooked on Houses) yesterday evening and found a cool, new gadget.  A ‘walk score’.  You can find out your home’s ‘walk score’ by going here

Just for kicks I entered my address.  Now most of you probably already know that I live in a quite rural setting.  On one side, we have a rural church.  Across the road is the ‘community’ center and the church cemetery.  On the other side (and the back) are fields that alternate between soybeans and corn.  Now just down the road on the other side of what passes as a park here, is a chicken farm.

I see you sitting there looking at your computer screen contemplating what in the world the ‘Walk Score’ website and a chicken farm next to my house have to do with each other.  The ‘Walk Score’ website lists conveniently located business that are within walking distance of your home.  My house got an 8 out of 100 score.

All distances listed are measured in a straight line… they are not calculated using roadways.
Closest library: 6.23mi.
Closest movie theater: Tri City Drive In 7.52mi. (That’s right A DRIVE IN!)
Closest grocery:  IGA 6.65mi.
Closest pharmacy: Morgantown Prescription Center 6.31mi.
Closest restaurant:  Rice & Rice Chicken Farm 0.11mi……

*insert the sound of a record scratching*
WHAT?!?!  Ewwww…. it’s a chicken farm!  
Sometimes the interwebs can be so unreliable!  Talk about getting ‘fresh’ chicken!


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  1. Can’t wait to see what photo you come up with.

    The walk score thing- too funny. Perhaps I should give it a go.

  2. umm… My house…. got a big fat 0 on the walk score thing… hum… LOL I can’t imagine why!!

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