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Yesterday afternoon was a regular practice day for both of the kids.  Neil’s team got together with another team to have a scrimmage game before the regular season starts on Saturday.
He’s been playing baseball for three years now.  Every year he’s been in the outfield.  I will openly admit that he hasn’t always been the best at catching, but he was also never given much of a chance to do anything other than stand in the outfield.  You see why I am so nervous about his position in the infield as short stop this year.  And… as a pitcher.  Last year during the very first game of the season, he was hit by a pitch.  He wasn’t the same the rest of the season.  He wouldn’t stay in the batters box and if he did stay in the box, he wouldn’t swing.  It was very frustrating.  Needless to say, I’m pretty worried that he is going to hit someone with a rogue pitch.
He got the opportunity to pitch to the other team yesterday.  He didn’t hit anyone!  He did fairly well for someone who hasn’t ever pitched before.  He struck out a couple and had a few guys to get a hit too.  He did well at the short stop position too.  We all had a big scare though.  The sun was directly in the faces of the team playing defense.  The other team hit a ball towards third base, the third baseman threw the ball to the first baseman and because of the sun he couldn’t see the ball and it hit him.  Right in the face.  Broke the little guys nose!  He’s okay now though, but I’m thinking of shopping for some sunglasses for all the boys.


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