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Lunch Intervention

Last week I wrote about a new television show that I had watched, ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’.  The show really woke me up about what my children were eating for lunch at school.  I had made their lunches in the past.  It was a feat of my patience most of the time with both of them complaining about something in the lunch box at some point.  I did what most parents end up doing.  I let them start eating at school.  It’s just easier.  I had never really paid that much attention to what they were actually eating.

This past week I asked them to report back to me what they were eating everyday.  The very first day they reported they had hot dogs for lunch.  Neil had a hot dog, pineapples, and white milk.  Kaia had a hot dog, a banana, and chocolate milk.  I didn’t even bother to ask what they had eaten the rest of the week.  The first day was all I needed to hear to know that from now on I would take whatever means necessary to make their lunches.

We made a big deal about it this weekend.  Went shopping for new lunch boxes/bags and all the ‘fixin’s’ for a nice healthy lunch.  My son has always been a little ‘off’ from other kids of his age.  He likes to drink water and eat vegtables.  We purchased turkey, whole wheat bread (which we always have), cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, Wheat Thins, string cheese, sugar free Jello (which Kaia picked out herself because it said ‘sugar-free’), 25% less sugar Capri-Sun, and… Little Debbie cakes.  Ok, ok… I know that the Little Debbie cakes are exactly nutrious, but the kids made great choices with all the other foods.

So our own personal food revolution has begun!