I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Like I Need It

Blogger did not consult me when unveiling a new distraction.  Like I’m not already scattered enough.

They have now released a template designer “inside” the dashboard.  I’m not sure that those of you not using Blogger “In Draft” have this option yet, but I’m going to be lost inside my dashboard for a while.

If you don’t see me soon….  send backup.

UPDATED to add…
In addition to updating and tweaking my blog this morning, I’ve realized that with this uber awesome new computer that I have I can finally use Picnik!  You see “Ye Olde Desktop” was just too slow in processing with the Picnik site so I was always relegated to the outer reaches of excellent photo editing.  Not to mention that there is no way in hell I can afford Photoshop.  (Are those people at Adobe insane??) I’m sure there are tons and tons of things I could do with that program, but I can not justify paying $700 for photo editing software.  Not when I can have Picnik for only $25 a year!  I guess in the long run I’ll be paying more, but until the day when I, or someone close to me, wins the lottery….  we will be picnik-ing!