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51 Points

I finally got the phone call I’ve been waiting a week to get.  The results from my bloodwork came back.  My cholesterol level dropped from 248 to 197!  I’m so excited with the progress I’ve made.  My goal is to get it even lower, at least 150, in the next 3 months.

I was shocked to find out that it had dropped 51 points in the first 3 months.  It was much easier than I anticipated to change my diet.  I will admit that I have cheated a time or two.  Since Dec. 1st, I’ve had 2 cheeseburgers, 6 slices of bacon, 2 egg rolls and one McGriddle.  Those are things I felt guilty eating.  Oh, and a single hot dog.  Trust me on this one… I’ll NEVER eat another hot dog.

I really didn’t make that many changes.  Cheerios was a huge factor.  I had no idea there were so many flavors of Cheerios!  You’ve got regular, honey nut, multi grain, banana nut, chocolate, Cheerios crunch, berry burst, frosted, apple cinnamon, fruity, and yogurt burst.  Banana nut and fruity are my favorites.  The kids are really liking the frosted.  A bowl of these for breakfast or just some in a bowl without milk for a little afternoon snack.

I switched to soy milk.  I was never a milk drinker before.  I just didn’t like milk.  I gave Silk Very Vanilla soy milk a try and I love it!  It has to be the Very Vanilla though.  I did try Vanilla instead, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  Now I drink at least 2 glasses of this every day.

Almonds.  I grab a handful of these little jewels and snack away.  Sometimes I get carried away and eat more than just a handful.

Believe it or not… Ramen noodles.  They are pretty high in sodium though.  BUT the sodium is in the seasoning packet so I just use only half of the packet.  I started doing that when the kids eat them also and they have never noticed.

In conclusion… I did it!  I did it! Go me, go me!


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  1. I’m thinking of the Rocky theme music in my head! You DID IT!! WooHOO! That took some serious dedication. It upsets me that we are officially old enough to worry about things like cholesterol, and such…

    Why didn’t you like the Vanilla? Are you cooking with Dairy, or plain soy milk? Just a few questions, I’m curious about this morning.

    See, I’ve really stopped cooking anything that needs dairy. We’re eating many more fresh foods dinners & stir-fry. But, when I do cook something and use the plain soy milk, I cannot tell a bit of difference! Not a bit!

    We really like the Very Vanilla too, but like I said before, the amount of sugar scares me. Doctor Oz went on to say the other day, that no amount of refined sugar is healthy for a body. It’s like little shards of glass ripping through us. Scary image (as I sip my morning hot cocoa, haha) so I am doing my best to cut down on some sugah….

    Maybe I’ll report back in three months and see how it’s going… I’ll probably still be sitting here with some kinda crazy sugar drink…like lemonade, or something summery.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Well… that’s very interessting but actually i have a hard time figuring it… wonder how others think about this..

  3. Anonymous – You have a hard time figuring what?

    These are the things that I did with my diet. These are the things that worked for me. And they did work.

    I’m unsure what you are having a hard time figuring.

    In the future, please leave a name in the comment or it will be deleted.

  4. I didn’t like the Vanilla because well… it wasn’t sweet enough. =) It only has 16g of sugar per serving. That would be a lot, but I don’t have much other sugars in my day so I’m still under the amount I should be taking in for a day.

    I actually haven’t really cooked anything that required dairy milk. But if I do then I just use the dairy milk that my husband still insisted upon purchasing. Ugh…

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