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Flaming Ball of Gas

There is a giant flaming circle in the sky today. Could it be? The SUN?!?! It’s been so cloudy and gloomy around here lately that I almost couldn’t go out this morning because I thought the sunlight was going to bake me to smithereens. I love it though. It put an instant smile on my face.

Having the sun shining after days of gloomy cloudiness is like buying a new pair of shoes. Both make you feel like a brand new person that’s worth a million dollars.

How many times have I gushed over Netflix? That service is absolutely worth it. I think we have the basic of all basic packages, but still I’m in love with it. We only get one DVD at a time, but we can also watch shows online as well. All for less than $10 a month. This comes in handy when renting only two movies once at the local Movie Gallery costs about $15. It’s also handy when you rent a shitty movie. Case in point… “Paranormal Activity“.

ATTENTION: Bergen LaBelle (or anyone who hasn’t see it). “Paranormal Activity” is the most ginormous waste of 86 minutes of your life. DO NOT watch it. It is neither paranormal or active. It’s… it’s… crappy craptasticness. I could have made a better scary movie.  I couldn’t believe all the reviews that said this was the scariest movie they’ve ever seen.  Apparently these people have never seen “The Exorcist”.  And that business about “demanding it” at your local movie theater…  rubbish.  The movie was made for under $15,000, shot at the director’s own home, and because of all the hype surrounding it, grossed $9 million on opening weekend!!  The actors were only paid $500.  I can not stress enough to not waste your money.

With that said….  I’m going to go enjoy the not crappy sunshine!

P.S.  It’s almost the weekend!!!


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  1. HAHA! I will tell him about this post! Crackin’ me up, wit your gas ball!

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