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Monday… shumundee…

Ugh, how did Monday get here so fast?  It’s like the weekend came and went while I was sleeping or something!  I’m waiting for the warmer weather to get here.  It seems to just be taking it’s sweet ol’ time though.

Went to see the doctor this morning to get that dreaded 3 month follow up to check the cholesterol level.  The nice girl who is exceptionally talented with a needle said that my results should be in by tomorrow afternoon.  I’m excited and scared all at the same time.  I just hope that the level has dropped.

I headed into the “big city” to do a little me shopping.  I’ve been wanting to stop by a store called “Plato’s Closet” for a while now, but never had the opportunity to get there.  I went today and probably could have walked out of there with everything off the racks!

I wanted some new blue jeans, but for a second hand store their prices were a little high.  So I made do with these awesomely awesome dresses!  Now… if we could just get a little warmth around here…


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  1. Plato’s closet opened up after I left, but I remember seeing commercials for the one in Nashvegas. Looked fun!

    Awesome finds, by the way!

    Tres Hippie Chic!

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