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Archive for February 13, 2010

Click, Click

If you ordered a laptop computer, a wireless mouse, and a router from the same store, would you expect them to all come at the same time? I did, but I got notice today that the mouse has shipped. What am I going to do with a mouse intended for use with a laptop if I don’t have a laptop? Thank you, Wal-Mart, for not having a clue. Makes my day bright, shiny, and cheerful.

For real though… I GOT MY CAMERA!!! The nice little FedEx man came this morning about 10AM and I think I pee’d my pants a little. I know I was supposed to read the manual, then re-read the manual before even putting the battery in, but I couldn’t help myself. I whipped it all out of the box and had that battery charging before you can say, “Nikon”. I will definitely be needing another lens.

So goes the saga of acquiring the camera…

You see I found what I wanted on Amazon.com. A Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm lens, a 55-200mm lens, extra battery, 8GB memory card, and other non-essential goodies for only $678.  I went through all the motions only to discover that my bank has a $500 per day limit on my debit card.  By the time I got all that nonsense worked out with the bank, the camera deal was gone.  I had to settle for just getting the camera and  kit lens.  The lens is great, but the zoom capacity is not.  I’ll save up for a little while and get the 55-200mm lens.  I found it at Ritz camera for only $199.  I’m still a newbie to cameras so just the basics for me.  I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend playing with it and reading the manual.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post some great shots on Monday.

My Cam, and her Berg, are picking up their new VW bus today!!  I’ve been thinking of them all day and hoping their trip to Atlanta was an uneventful one.  I can’t wait to see Berg’s masterful restoration of what is surely to be the hippie-est, awesome-est VW bus EVA!

Happy weekend everybody!