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Where’s My Bliss?

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

Everybody is talking about Blissdom.  What is this “Blissdom”, you ask?  Well, according to their site it’s “the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online“.  And it’s in Nashville, y’all!  

Of course, it’s completely sold out.  Did I want to go?  Honey, puulease.  Absolutely.  Could I afford to?  Hell no.   A full conference session ticket was a whopping $299 + an $8.46 fee.  Jeez louise, that’s a lotta dough.  Single day session tickets?  $169 + a $5.22 fee.  Wowza.  Just the cocktail tickets were $50.

Listen, I love to blog.  I love to read blogs.  I’m a blog whore, but I’m also living in the real world.  We’re a family of 4 getting by with one income.  I could not justify spending that kind of money to sit around and talk about blogging or listen to other people talk about blogging.

Why don’t I work too?  Because I have children.  I’m a mom.  That is my job.  I want to be here for my children.  I want to fix their breakfast and see them off to catch the school bus.  I want to be here every afternoon to get them off the school bus and fix them a snack.  I want to help with their homework.  I want to be a mom.

Did I want to go be blissful for a weekend in Nashville?  Yep.  Did I get to?  Nope.  Will I find my bliss in a high school basketball game tonight, a Jr. Pro basketball game tomorrow, Little League baseball sign ups tomorrow afternoon, and the Super Bowl on Sunday??

You’re damn right.