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Archive for February 1, 2010


So many things went wrong this weekend that I can’t believe anything went right.

Friday, my husband calls me.  He says the car has died twice on the way home.  This time it won’t start back. Luckily, he’d almost made it home and was stalled out at the church next door.  We are relatively sure that the engine has blown up.  I mentioned on Friday that this car had been a bain in my existence since the day it entered our lives.  Did I mention that 16 days after it came into our possession the transmission burned up in it?  Yes, I’m not exactly shedding tears that it has left us for the great beyond.  I am shedding a tear or two over the fact that we now have 3, count that… THREE!, un-usable vehicles.  It’s a constant test of my will power.

Saturday was actually a decent day.  Snow, hot cocoa, kids, fun family time.  Kaia was bummed because she thought the dance clinic at WKU had been canceled, but we found out later via email that, indeed, it was a go. Slight freak out gone, we had a nice evening.

Sunday…  Ah, Sunday.  We had to get up extra early to make sure that everyone had a decent breakfast and was ready for our day of “Family Fun!”.  I had to go to the dreaded basement to throw my sweatshirt in the dryer.  I proceeded to fall down the stairs.  The ankle that the $1,800 MRI says there is nothing wrong with gave out and tumble, I did.  I ended up with only a bum elbow and a sore rear end, but other than that no worse for the wear.  After finally getting everyone up and out of bed, we head out.

Once we get to WKU and find a parking spot, we realize we’ve got to walk what seems like a mile to get to the correct entrance.  Guess what happened to me?  I slipped and fell.  Twice.  We get registered and get our game tickets, only to find out they are waaaay up in the top section in the most uncomfortable seats available, but I do not complain because we got the tickets for only $5 a piece.  Speaking of tickets… there was some confusion about our tickets.  Apparently the Girl Scout leader informed the Girl Scout coordinator that we had not paid for any tickets.  I had to make 3 trips up and down the gazillion and one steps from our seats to the lobby to get this all worked out.

Let’s take count… one bum elbow, sore ankle, bruised up bum from two falls on ice, plus sore calves from endless trips up and down steps… Not to mention that I had to cheat on my low-cholesterol diet and eat Pizza Hut pizza for lunch from the DUC.

All of this for the love of my daughter so she could perform with the WKU Topperettes Dance Team during half-time of the WKU Lady Toppers vs. New Orleans Lady Privateers game.  I am the BEST.MOM.EVER.