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Snow Day???

Today is the big day.  I was expecting to wake up to already see some snow fall on the ground, but we have yet to see our first snow flake. So far it’s snowing all around us, but we’ve gotten nada!

I think maybe they called off school a wee bit too early.  I’m sharing a “before” shot in the hopes that this will speed up the snow’s path to us.


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  1. Okay, so the house needs some color…

    (it doesn’t really, but I can’t paint here, so I have to be able to paint somewhere) (you understand, right?) (I mean, how MANY shades have you seen in my houses over the years?)

    So, I am thinking about it and will forward my professional opinion to Annette. She can then contact the painters and set it all up for you…

    And, you’re welcome.

  2. LOL! I know! The plan is that once we buy the home we are going to get a home improvement loan to vinyl side the place. Right now it’s aluminum siding and I hate it! I was also thinking some faux shutters would be cute.

    Remember it is winter here so everything is dead and brown. I’d like to plant some shrubs this Spring.

  3. I know! The winter is what makes the house look so white. When the grass is green, you are too busy looking at that fab grass you have!

    What color are you thinkin?

  4. For the shutters? I’m not sure yet. For the flowers and shrubs, lots of different bright colors.

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