I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin


I can’t believe I’ve made it to my 500th post!  I’d say at least half of them were complete nonsense, but I wrote them anyway.  Thanks for sticking around and reading for those, like, 3 people who are still with me!

So why is it than when you don’t have any credit, no one will give you credit because they say you have a lack of revolving credit?  I mean… how am I supposed to get credit if you won’t give me credit?  Makes no sense and it’s a never ending cycle.  Because of this, I can’t buy with Dell.  It’s irritating because I can certainly afford to pay $20-30 a month for a camera or lap top.  Anyway… for Christmas my bestest husband in the whole world surprised me with a new camera.  His mom was able to get it ordered for him through Dell.  She’s been looking at getting a new camera herself.  I was telling her about one that was only a little more than the Nikon P90, but was a true DSLR.  She and her husband used to have one and she said she was looking for one that wasn’t so complex.  She suggested that she order me the DSLR and I give her the P90.  I mulled this over for a little while.  I decided to go for the Nikon D3000, but after further review (and some careful nudging from Cam) I decided that probably wasn’t the best choice.  Several reviews mentioned grainy photos and that is the one of the main concerns I had going into the whole thing.  My main turn on about the D3000 was the price tag.  At around $500 for the camera with lens, it’s a great price, but something just wasn’t sitting well.

There was a camera that has caught my eye for awhile.  The Nikon D90.  I don’t know why I keep checking out the Nikon’s, but I do.  The reviews I’ve read about it give it wonderful praise with minimal complaints.  It’s the price that stings.  I’ve always been the type that doesn’t want to spend so much for things for myself.  Especially electronic things or items that seem to be “one up’d” the very next day by a newer, better, more sleek model.  The options are endless and it’s so confusing out there.

I finally made the call on Tuesday.  Texted on over the Dell part number.  I took the plunge.  Now I’m all pins and needles waiting…..