I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

The Day After…

Like usual, we got no snow for Christmas.  I think I may have seen a single itty bitty piece of snow yesterday afternoon on my windshield, but that was it.  We had a wonderful couple of days spending time with family.  On Christmas eve, I spent a few hours hanging out with my brother before heading over to Chris’ grandfathers for their family get together.  We played dirty Santa and I desperately tried to steal the most awesome looking peacock ornament that his aunt found at Pier1, but I failed.  The kids were excited to get more gifts and all went well.

Neil just wanted me to stop taking pictures of everyone.  He kept ducking and dodging every time he thought the camera was pointed at him.  I barely caught him in this photo.

Kaia on the other hand is a photo magnet.  She seemed to always be in the shot!

My mom came over for the afternoon and we lounged around in our comfys while drinking coffee and eating Twizzlers.  I had forgotten to pick up eggs so Santa had to go without cookies from our house.  Somehow I think he probably survived.