I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Bye Bye Bacon

When you’re young you think days last forever. Next year will never get here. Thirty is old. Now that I am thirty, I don’t feel it. I feel like I just woke up one day and I wasn’t a kid anymore. Yesterday, I realized my age. I actually felt old.

A nurse from the doctor’s office called with my test results from last week. She said everything looked fine except for my cholesterol. The doctor would like for me to start a low cholesterol diet because my numbers are a little high. I made the mistake of asking what the overall number actually was.


Alrighty then. I basically had a little freak out session in my head for a few minutes. From what I’ve read on the internet, 200 is considered high. The doctor wants to retest me in about 3 months so I have 3 months to drop my cholesterol by 48 points.

No more bacon, sausage, processed cheeses, red meat, butter, or any other stuff that I think tastes really good. I’m going to be relegated to eating things like oatmeal (Oh JOY!) and beans. Oh and chicken… I really don’t like chicken. I have found several sites that list healthy recipes and a couple of people have given me links to some sites that I think will be helpful. Good news is that I like things like cinnamon Life cereal, honey nut Cheerios, fish, and nuts. I don’t know how long I can go eating these foods though. I think it may get a little boring. Much to the delight of Cam, I’ll be starting to drink soy milk soon too.

I’ve never been on any type of diet in my life for any reason at all. I don’t even like the word. Any recipes, handy tips and tricks, or advice is definitely welcome in this case. I’m sure going to need the help. And watch out ’cause I’m sure to be blogging about what I’m eating these days.