I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

What cha doin’?

This year we’ll be doing Thanksgiving dinner at our house on “Black Friday”. Usually we reserve this day for just lounging around the house letting all the food from the day before digest in it’s own time.

I didn’t really know what this thing called “Black Friday” was until I began to work in retail back in 2000. I did 5 years worth of working the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart on that fateful day and I vowed to never, EVER, actually do any shopping on this day. For some reason, maybe it’s all the turkey eaten the day before, the day after Thanksgiving turns people into crazies. Flat insane is what they get. I’ve seen people do some seriously strange things for a $5 toaster, okay?

Last year Cam talked me into going out into the craziness. I mean it was Friday after all and we couldn’t pass up on our “Fun Friday”. We didn’t really have a certain plan of action. We were just going to be going. This is what we ended up doing…

Yes, it turned into an interesting day. I missed her so much this week!! I can’t believe she is so far away!
I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday yesterday. If you are/were out and about on the “busiest shopping day of the year”, then I hope that you make it through unscathed! Have a great weekend!!!