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Talkin’ Turkey

I can not believe that we have just 7 weeks until Christmas. Is it bad to want to decorate already? I know I’m not the only one! I think my sister-in-law may or may not have already put up their stockings. I’ve read several blogs, talked to several people that want to start decorating. I hate to sort of skip over Thanksgiving, but the only real decorating I do for Thanksgiving is on my dining room table. I’d like to get one of those ginormous inflatable turkeys for the front yard.

Isn’t it cute? It’s like 6 feet tall! Anyway, back to the subject… Christmas decorating. It was such a beautiful day last Sunday that I decided to try to coax Chris into going ahead with the outdoor decorating. As in, I was trying to get him to shimmy on up to the roof and hang the Christmas lights. I wasn’t actually planning on turning them on just yet. He laughed at me. The temperature was around 70, no winds, lots of sun. It was a perfect opportunity to do it! In years past, we’ve always waited until the day after Thanksgiving and it’s usually been cold and windy or cold and rainy or just cold! I lost that battle, but only ’cause I hurt my ankle putting away the Halloween stuff. Yea, I know… keep telling myself that. He wins all the battles.

I started browsing for some Christmas music yesterday. Just to try to get into the spirit of all things Chrismas-y. I found what has to be the oddest video on YouTube. Ozzy Osbourne singing with Jessica Simpson. Crazy, ain’t it? I love Jessica Simpson’s voice, but I can’t bare to watch her actually sing. She makes weird faces and gestures. She just looks odd.

See what I mean? It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs though. I like the oldies, the classics. I prefer to hear them being sung by Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and the like.

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