I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin


My readership has dwindled down to near nothingness.  I blame myself.  I blame the fact that I migrated from here to there and back to here again.  Except now the here is actually next door, so to speak, to where it once was.

How do these super popular bloggers do it?  How do they get their blogs “out there”?  How do they get so many comments?!?!  I’m lucky to get just one tiny, little, itty bitty comment once a week.  I guess I haven’t really found my writing style yet.  A nice niche to fall into.  I feel like I must blog during the week, but sometimes there just isn’t anything to blog about.  Sometimes there is too much to blog about!  I’ve signed up with the Mom Blogs, the BlogHer network, and even created a community with The Blog Frog.  I hope this can drum up some business.

I think part of the issue is my lack of being able to stick with a certain blog layout.  There are just so many cute layouts out there.  I honestly wish that I could find one that I wanted to stick with.  I’ve changed it once again.  I didn’t even make it though the month of October.  I starting looking at the previous layout and thought that it looked hard to read.  The new layout has color, but muted tones.  Fingers crossed that I can stick with this one.  I’m really proud of myself for making a navigational bar under my header.  It was super easy and I think it makes the page look more “professional”.

Both of the kids are getting excited about my dad coming to visit next week.  Everyday this week Neil has asked, “How many more days until Pop gets here?”  This morning I was pleased to say two.  He’s coming up from Florida for Neil’s birthday next week.  Neil’s 10th birthday.  I can’t believe my baby is going to be turning 10 years old!  Whaaaa… where did the time go?

Thinking about this just makes me want to spend more time with my family.  The problem is that the majority of them all live in Florida!  Chris has been ready to pack up and move numerous times, but I’m too scared to go so far away from what I know.  That which is comfortable.  We seriously considered a move a couple of years ago.  Even looked into houses, condos, and apartments in south Florida.  I chickened out.  The idea of just packing up our family and moving a thousand miles was a little daunting.  Especially without the guarantee of a well paying job.  The cost of living is much greater there than it is here so a job paying the same that he makes here isn’t really worth crap down there.  I think I would miss the slow pace.  I would miss the country.

Right now though… I would not miss the rain or this cold weather!!


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  1. when the time is right the move will be there without question, without doubt, without the daunting feeling in the pit of your stomach…..and so a new adventure through your journey of life will emerge……..when it does make it memorable!

  2. Hey, Christine-It's me Mrs. Hall. Been wondering about Cam-um, how is she? Have you heard from her lately?gah. Sorry to come here to your house only asking for her. ;)But, I can say that I get most of my people from the comments I leave on other's blogs. I don't really keep track of how many visits (I tried like 3 times but just get bored trying to figuring out the stats)I say blog like noone is listening! :)so um, just lemme know about Cam ok?thanks,

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