I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Drip Drop, Tick Tock

The rain just won’t go away.  It’s raining here again today.  We desperately need to mow our yard, but it’s just too wet.  I think one, maybe two, more yard mowings are all that is left for this year.  It’s turned cold quickly.  Sunday’s high is forecast to be 56 degrees.  That’s the day my Dad is supposed to arrive from sunny, warm Florida.  Sorry in advance Dad.  Hope you remember to pack your “long” pants and a jacket, if you even own one.

Christmas is coming quickly.  I haven’t even begun to decide what I’m going to make everyone this year.  Last year I did a Chocolate Cobbler pre-mix.  I put all the ingredients into bags and tied them all up with twine and wrapped them with the instructions.  I even hand made the bows.  No one liked it.  Even I wasn’t a big fan, but then again I’m not a huge fan of chocolate either.  I’m almost running out of time so I really should figure out what to do this year.  We don’t participate in any gift exchanges because the last time we did, years ago, we did not have the money to spend.  I purchased something inexpensive.  The recipient was very miffed and thought that I had done it to be mean, but in reality I did it because I had no other choice.  It was that or nothing at all.  Everyone expects a present, but we can barely afford to buy stuff for the kids, so I’m looking for inexpensive yet creative.  Any ideas?