I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin


I am so frustrated right now!  My crisis level is about to hit Def-Con 5. 

My supplies have still not arrived.  It’s Wednesday.  The event that I am planning on being a vendor at is Saturday.  My pendants have to have a few days to cure before I can package them up for sale.  I ordered them last Friday morning.  The last order I placed on a Friday with this seller arrived on Monday afternoon.  I am freaking out just a little bit.  I hadn’t intended on waiting until the last minute to get this stuff done.  In fact, I had planned on putting the finishing touches on the pendants today.  I’m trying to take slow, relaxing breaths.  I’m trying to tell myself that all will be well.  I’m even trying to not focus on the 30% chance of rain that is being forecast for Saturday.  I did get the business cards designed and printed.  They are very cute, if I do say so myself.  And I do!

On a better note, I finally got to talk to Cam!  I can’t wait to travel to see them and their new home.  AT&T are really being butts, but that’s no surprise.  It’s taken days to get the phone lines correctly working.  Apparently there was water in the lines and an old security system that had to be dealt with.  To make the situation even sweeter still is the fact that AT&T doesn’t offer DSL at this new address.  She’s going to have to have… I don’t even want to say it… DIAL UP!!!  I know! *said in a Craig Ferguson voice*  I can’t believe a company as big as AT&T doesn’t offer DSL to all of it’s customers.  AND… and the dial up internet has to be paid seperately from the phone bill.  What the hell AT&T?  Nickel and dime your customers and make dealing with your company the most fun ever why don’t ya!