I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin


How much more time are we going to give these people?  These people would be the Gosselin’s.  I will keep this as brief as possible because I don’t like contributing to their waste of space, but I have to say something.  GO AWAY!!  I mean really.  I didn’t watch the show before any of this junk started and I will not watch it now either.  In fact, I don’t think anyone should watch it.  Those children are all going to end up with complexes someday.  OK, that’s enough of that.

On to something that is actually newsworthy! 

Like hundreds or thousands of people around the country, I read Nienie.  Her blog was very popluar before the fateful accident in August of 08.  I, however, didn’t start reading until after.  At the urging of my bestest friend in the whole world, Cam, who has this weird ability to seek out the great blogs, I started to read.  I quickly realized that Stephanie Nielson was Superwoman in disguise.  Not only was she able to raise 4 (FOUR!!) kids, she was able to do the most creative things, maintain her household, and look good while doing it!  After the accident left her body bruised, burned, and broken, she did not give up.  Now today, more than a year after… Not only is she able to raise 4 (FOUR!!) kids, she is able to do the most creative things, maintain her household, and STILL look good while doing it all!

Stephanie and her Mr. Nielson have gone to Chicago and done an interview with Oprah!  The episode will air on Wednesday, October 7th.  I don’t know this woman.  I will probably never know this woman.  Though her strength, her perserverance, her spirit, gives me reflection.  Value the things that are important, live for today.

P.S. Before reading the blog or watching the interview, grab a box of tissues.