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Brand New Day

It’s a new week!  Today starts the beginning of the Fall break period for the kiddos.  I was hoping to have nice sunny weather, but again the sun is eluding us.  Hiding behind an overabundance of clouds and only peeking out every now and then.  It’s quite chilly around here too.  Currently it’s only 58 degrees.  Brrrr…..  I’m not complaining though.  I love the fall weather. *Since I began writing this post, the sun is now shining down and blue skies are overhead!*

This weekend turned out to be really productive.  My mother/father-in-law allowed us to get phones on their cell phone plan.  I am very appreciative.  We had those pay-as-you-go phones and we were going a lot apparently.  We were paying way too much for not enough time or features.  We joined their plan because getting our own plan was going to cost too much right now.  The deposit was outrageous.  The problem for us is that we used to have some credit cards.  We got behind in the payments.  They went to collections.  Eight years ago.  We’ve got them all paid off now and don’t even own a single credit card.  Most people would think this is a good thing.  Wrong.  What’s worse than having bad credit?  Having NO credit.  It’s irritating when you get that piece of paper that says, “We’re sorry.  *insert company name here* can not give you credit at this time due to “lack of revolving credit accounts on file”.  Does this make sense?  How do you establish a line of revolving credit if no one will give you one?!?!?!  Stupid banks and stupid credit people!  Anyway… we got new phones.  And thanks to the great neogotianal skills of my mother-in-law, we got them for free.  Woo hoo!!  I can actually use text messaging now.  I am so far behind.

We did a little Spring cleaning in the Fall around the house.  Since my dad is coming for a visit, I went into cleaning overdrive.  I had to get the office straightened up because that’s where our hide-a-bed sofa is.  You couldn’t actually see the sofa though because it had become a “catch-all”.  We went through all the junk, got it all thrown away or put away.  I got the sheets, covers, extra pillows, pillow cases, and even the sofa cover all washed and ready to go.  The kids are so excited that their “Pop” is driving so far just to come see them!  Nearly 1,000 miles!!  I hope he has a safe trip.

After lots of pleading on my part, we got the livingroom rearraged as well.  We were really stuck on how to place the furniture.  I wrote a post about it not long after we moved back in here.  Lots of debating occured and in the end, Chris won by not having to move the TV and armoir to the other side of the livingroom.  I’m really digging the new layout.  People can actually sit on the sofa, loveseat, and recliner and still see the TV.  We did a good job.


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  1. woohoo….you were busy over the weekend

  2. And we didn't get nearly enough done either!

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