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The Harvest

I have seen this particular combine going back and forth for a couple of weeks now.  I kept wondering how long it would take for them to finally come harvest the sad looking soy beans that were in the fields next to our home.  They looked to be begging for harvest, those beans.  He caught me snapping his picture. I heard a honk – honk.  Got a wave.  I didn’t know that such large farm equipment came with horns or that it would sound so dinky in comparison to the size of the combine.

I heard a rumbling noise the other night.  It sounded like a huge blower.  At first I didn’t catch what I was hearing, then I realized that it was a grain silo just down the road.  Sound carries well here.  It reminded me of growing up.  It reminded me why I love it here.  Why this is the best season of them all.


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  1. this photo is fabulous….and being here in wisconsin, this is what we often see, too….but you made it beautiful !!!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that because you're photos are the best!

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