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It’s Officially Official

My blog has moved!  Well, it’s still here, but it’s branched off and is now located HERE.

Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, whatever it is that you do to keep reading!!  This decision has caused me much internal debate.  Over the course of the weekend I decided to give WordPress another look.  I must say I am impressed.  It’s not that I am not impressed with Blogger, it’s just that I appreciate the set up of WordPress more.  I also did a little reading, as suggested by Cam, and it seems that WordPress gets more votes.  I would like to say that I’m going to give this a try.  A trial run, if you will.  I own my domain here in Blogger until around January so I still have time to change my mind.  There are a few things that Blogger could do to change my mind… main thing would be to allow threadable comments and multiple pages.

Some cons:  not being able to add Javascript to sidebar elements or posts, limited number of layout themes (although there are 76 to choose from), no followers…

Some pros:  dashboard functionality, blog statistics, comment replies (instead of leaving a seperate comment in response to someone’s comment), multiple pages or static pages (ie. “About Me” on seperate page), ability to view, approve or unapprove, delete, or edit all comments from one page…


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  1. Ha ha! Fab ~ I'm really glad you're leading the way hun … I opened up a WordPress blog last month, and seriously want to have a go at moving over to it, for all same reasons you've mentioned. But I'm like, bit chicken …. waiting for someone else to take the first move. Silly me. I'm hopping over now to have a look at your new space. Hope you're gonna love it there. Blessings ~

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