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How do astronauts prepare Chinese food???

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They us a “space wok”.

Ha, ha, ha, ha… that’s all I got.

Oh, by the way, I’ll be changing the blog background next week or over the weekend. I haven’t really decided yet.


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  1. You're funny.And, this time…I waited and waited and waited, and then it said 'Done' and then I clicked again, and waited and waited and waited until it said 'Done' again. When I clicked the third time, it expanded the post. I'm not crazy. This is really happening.By the way…Space wok!Aha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Cam – Dang it! I hope this isn't an issue for everyone. I really like the expandable posting!!

  3. You're such a nut! So far, so good, with the expandable posting on my end. I don't know what that other girl's problem is. Hahahaha!

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