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Drip, Drop…

It’s raining. I’m wondering if I should set up camp in the basement to monitor for flooding again.

Wondering where I was yesterday? Sitting right here. Doing just about nothing. I thought about blogging for longer than I should have for most of the day, but there just wasn’t/isn’t anything going on around here. Biggest news? It’s raining. I know. Try to hold back all of your excitement.

I took Neil to the dentist yesterday afternoon to have those teeth that were broken checked to make sure the root hadn’t died. I drove 45 miles for the dentist to put something really cold on his teeth and ask him if it felt like ice cream did on his teeth. For Pete’s sake, I could have done that myself with an ice cube! Wonder how much this is going to end up costing us…

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I discovered a new television show recently. “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” on ABC Family. I don’t normally watch that channel, but I found the first season on Hulu and thought I’d give it a try. It’s not that great of a show, but I found myself watching every single episode. The acting is just so-so, the plots are so-so. If the writers think this is the way teenagers think/talk/act, they are way, way, off. It would be a secret to think that American teenagers acted this way. The main character (Amy) seems to be a spoiled rotten brat who got pregnant the first time she ever had sex then expects everyone to continue to do everything for her. Well, that might not be too far fetched, but I hate that young girls may be watching this thinking that this show is what’s it’s like to be in high school or to have sex. I know it’s been YEARS since I was in school. I sincerely hope that this show is just a huge dramatization and not how real teens are behaving these days.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be absolutely beautiful here. Highs around 80, no humidity, sunny skies. I can’t wait. I have no idea what to do, but I know I want to get out of this house and go do something! Any suggestions for things to do outdoors in south central Kentucky??


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  1. It hasn't started raining, yet, but it's getting really dark right now. When I heard the forecast, I had to get out and weed the garden at like 6:30 this morning! Now my fingers are all hurting and stiff, and I still have housework to do. On the bright side, I have plenty to do inside (besides the housework). There's always sewing and crafting to do, and I've got several projects, if you want to come over. Ha-ha.

  2. camping,hiking,picnic,park,fishing…..roasting marshmallows and hot dogs by a camp fire……outdoor scavenger hunt with the kids…….(hide things in the yard like you would Easter eggs) and let the kids find as many as they can…..make a list of things you hide and give each a copy

  3. What the HELL DO YOU MEAN, there was nothing going on yesterday?!?! It was a freakin' HOLIDAY man!! My 30th birthday only comes once- then it's time to go backwards again!!!! :0)And Don't forget about Girl's Nite!!! I'm so excited I think I might pee my pants. LOL

  4. I tried to watch that show once, but Molly Ringwald's acting was awful. I had to turn it.. =)

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